How I became a ceramicist.

My journey into the world of clay officially began in 2020, it was my lockdown silver lining. During the pandemic I was given access to a shared ceramic studio and spent countless hours at the wheel attempting to learn how to throw bowls, cups, mugs and then some more complex pieces such as a tajine.

I was shown the basics and then learned by doing and researching tips and techniques on the web. It has been quite a ride and a very long process filled with many failures. If I knew how much of a challenge it is, I would probably haven’t given it a chance. Fortunately dedication and perseverance made me pursue this craft which has now become a dear passion. This practice has taught me many things. How to focus, how to be present in the moment, how to be patient, and much more. Although it remains testing at times, I continue to create with endeavour.

Having managed to gain a certain skill in the process of forming raw clay into a shape I am pleased with, I have now gone down the rabbit hole of creating my own glazes from scratch. The chemistry and techniques of application and firing is an artform in itself. The possibilities are endless and require a lot of experimentation.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and hope to see you at one of my shows sometime soon.

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